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This 4 GB USB key dated 02/28/2013 is numbered and signed by CAZA from 1 to 100. It contains all the eBOOKS currently on the site in PDF (and some in ePUB) + a printable ex- eLibris (PDF) signed by the author + 1 dedication to your first name printable in high definition + 1 wallpaper (Jpeg) to install on your computer or smartphone.

Clé USB de 4GB Caza e30x30 du 28/02/2013, numérotée et signée par l'auteur

Clé USB CAZA e30x30 28 02 2013
Numérotée et signée (100ex), 1 ex-eLibris signé + 1 dédicace+ 1 fond d'écran + 4 GB stockage + tous les eBOOKS disponibles à ce jour sur le site...
Price: €94.00

Characteristics :

Size: 85.5mm x 54mm x 2.2mm. Weight: 12.63 grams. Memory: 4 GB

Basic content:

An ex-eLibris PDF printable in high definition Your wallpaper in many resolutions
A dedication to your first name in high definition printable PDF The CAZA 30×30 reviewed and corrected, with enlarged illustrations… even lovers of the 30×30 who have it in paper will find it!

Some examples of content (not exhaustive):

Kris Kool is CAZA’s first comic.
It was very little distributed at the time (1970) and it is unlikely to find it printed…

SMOKE… THIS IS SOME CAZA ! (1975) is not really a comic strip, rather an “album in freedom”, a kind of underground, black and white “Scenes of country life”.

THE 1970S: two collections of comic book pages (or close relatives of comic books), illustrations and drawings, published in fanzines, magazines such as Actuel or Pilote and never released in albums, except for the series of Costumes, well forgotten …
VAMPS ! 2015
A collection of 85 vampiric drawings. Digital printing 21x21cm in color, including 30 penciled pages, soft cover 300g/m2, on matte paper 135g/m2.

To end with 2014

Collection of 60 cartoons from the satirical press of the year 2014.

120 drawings dealing with 2009 news, or published in 2009 in the protest press, or even made in 2009 and published later, or even completely unpublished, only spread on the Web or remained in my drawers.

A selection of 50 drawings to save the world (or at least postpone its end by two or three days)… Greenwash yourself, greenwash yourself again, there will always be something left!
About fifteen are from Siné-Hebdo, Psikopat, Zélium, etc., but two thirds are unpublished (and nevertheless in color).

“During the months of February, March, April and May 2011, Caza drew a drawing (or several) on a block of post’its every morning at breakfast” (Excerpt from the official biography of the author.) The “kitchen nightmare” has only just begun.
Collection of 48 pages of press cartoons
The adventures of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with all the crisp details, told from the book of books (the Bible), story embellished with some apocryphal fantasies (with hair), by Pr. Grandjardin, Master of Circumference at the Cerebral Faculty of Paranoid Atheology of Gnôthi-Seauton. The last CAZA comic strip (Nov. 2012). 64 color pages with a square format specially designed for on-screen reading. (Including bonuses compared to the A4 version). Collection of 40 line illustrations by CAZA. Excerpts from the cartoon “Children of the Rain”, posters, comic book covers, science fiction illustrations (elements of book covers by Rolan C. Wagner) and others…
For children and older children passionate about coloring!
Collection of 250 crobards of CAZA, classified month by month.
This PDF edition includes 26 color plates, a presentation and a black and white book of preparatory drawings.  
Clé USB CAZA e30x30 28 02 2013
Numérotée et signée (100ex), 1 ex-eLibris signé + 1 dédicace+ 1 fond d'écran + 4 GB stockage + tous les eBOOKS disponibles à ce jour sur le site...
Price: €94.00
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