KROBS 2013 – Sketch of CAZA month by month

KROBS 2013 - Caza eBOOKSketches, crobards, crobs… KROBS.

In recent years, helping retirement, the mania of laying crobards all over the place and piling them up in files has become a daily practice. “Free drawing”, therefore. No censorship and little sorting (a priori I keep everything!) and a minimum of cleaning and retouching, except in a few cases where I felt the need to “clean up”.

Some of these krobs have had the right to a public life (on the net, for example) or have served as the basis for professional projects, hence the neat color versions. Others, I colored them just for fun, or especially for this collection, just to wake up the eye of the reader from time to time, who could get tired of the gray of the pencil…

When it came to organizing it into a collection or collections, the chronological order was imposed by default – a “logbook” side. And if it starts with the most recent, the year 2013, that’s because I dated and scanned it as I went along.

Most reproductions are in the original format. Depending on the screen you are using, you can read (watch) page by page or in doubles, like a real book, which is especially interesting when there are two versions of a drawing: pencil and live color notice.

For the rest, we’ll see… Maybe we’ll systematically go backwards year after year (until the big bang…?).
CAZA, January 2014

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