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Unpublished of CAZAWe will first find here the press cartoons or current events that I have been laying since 2009 (more than 400 from 2009 to 2011!). A good part are scattered in weeklies and monthlies (Siné hebdo, La Mèche, Zélium, Psikopat, Barricade…) others on the Web (in my Open Letters, my blog, Facebook…), and I find all the days in my notebooks or in my computer. They will therefore be brought together in the form of virtual albums, very simple, one drawing per page, arranged in roughly chronological order, at least for those who are up to date… One eBOOK per year, 120-page PDFs or more…

— And… wouldn’t there be secret productions, comics never published, or very confidentially, even unfinished projects… storyboards…?

I see that there are some who are rummaging in the baskets, there… But by rummaging through my drawers myself, I should find some disparate things that deserve, if not to be printed, at least to be e-shown. There is undoubtedly material for a collection of short stories never published in personal albums, only in magazines or in collectives. And if there are only 20 pages, it doesn’t matter: in eBOOK, you are not bound by a standard number of pages.

As for the REAL novelty, we will talk about it…

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