KROBS 2010-11-12 – Sketch of CAZA month by month

After a 2013 KROBS of 250 pages, here is a little throwback: the KROBS of 2010-11-12, a collection of 200 pages. Yes, the years do not all have the same productivity in “couch sketching”.

On couch or elsewhere, but anyway “free” designs, don’t corresponding to any order to any editorial project, with exceptions. (Some sketches were born from dedications, others became dedications for the buyers of our USB keys… Some are the preparatory sketches (known as “roughs”) of press cartoons for Siné-Hebdo, La Revue, Barricade, Psikopat, etc. Some have escaped from the little collection “Des post’its at breakfast “…)

The important thing is that all this is available to you (and for 5 zeuros!)… Enjoy!

KROBS 2010-11-12 (eBOOK PDF)
Recueil de 200 crobards de CAZA, classés année par année et mois par mois.
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