OKAPSIKO: 8 years in the Psikopat /1

Between 2010 and 2018, Caza mainly devoted himself to press cartoons, and mainly in Psikopat, the monthly created and directed by Carali for almost 30 years.

Each issue offered a theme more or less linked to current events, pages of news, texts that were also news – in the precise sense or in the broad sense… and unusual news from Olivier Ka: two pages, two drawings . Total: within 160 drawings.

We present here the drawings alone, without the texts that provoked them. All you have to do is appreciate them for themselves or tell your own story from them, since they never followed the text to the letter anyway.

This is the first PDF volume of a series “Caza, eight years in the Psikopat”. Afterwards will come the drawings, the texts, the comics.

Every month, I had an appointment with Caza. A somewhat special meeting, we didn’t see each other, we didn’t speak, but he offered me something. This appointment, I was waiting for it impatiently, with in mind this question which would find its answer only when I would open the Psikopat: What did he see in my head?

Caza illustrated my monthly short story for several years, faithfully. It’s always strange and confusing, surprising and amusing, to see the images of another inspired by those from your mind appear before your eyes. I would not have seen it like that, I would never have imagined it. Caza invited me, every month, into his universe, unbridled and teeming, even more quirky than mine. The two together, it gave a happy brothel, a hallucinated picture, a very crazy skit.

With each publication, I felt this delicious feeling of receiving a gift. Caza, as a psychedelic Santa Claus, gave me a present a month. I would have kept it for myself, you think, but that was not the rule. And then, did I really deserve it?

All the gifts that this fabulous illustrator gave me during these years are well stored in my memory, they still wander there and for a long time. Today, I no longer have an appointment with Caza. But who knows, maybe one day we’ll find ourselves under a lamppost, whispering other little wonders.

Olivier Ka

OKAPSIKO - eBOOK PDF - 8 ans dans le Psikopat
eBOOK PDF de 150 pages 21x21cm - 2020. Illustrations des nouvelles mensuelles d'Olivier Ka dans le Psikopat depuis 2010.
Price: €5.00
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