The Monsters of the Closet 10 – Untold and Forgotten


I like to compose books, even if they are only e-books in PDF… But there are always frustrations. In these Monsters taken out of the cupboards of oblivion, there are always left behind in the false bottoms of the drawers: oversights, negligence, or things that do not really fit into the frame, except to inflate it until it explodes. …
In short, it was while composing volume 9 that I gave up a lot of drawings: those which were not intended to be published or which had remained unpublished, for such or such a reason: gifts, invitations or tributes, logos , neat dedications, avatars for FB, aborted projects… and which did not fall into other foreseeable categories, theme or support. And yet good stuff, I think… Let’s make room for them!

LES MONSTRES DU PLACARD 10 (inédits et oubliés) eBOOK PDF
PDF de 80 pages 21x28cm.
BD et dessins divers et inclassables, inédits et oubliés.
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Clé USB CAZA e30x30 28 02 2013
Numérotée et signée (100ex), 1 ex-eLibris signé + 1 dédicace+ 1 fond d'écran + 4 GB stockage + tous les eBOOKS disponibles à ce jour sur le site...
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