After a year (2016) of setting up the free price , we realize that this is probably not the right place for that: in the field of personal development, we are motivated to seriously evaluate the value we want to give to a session of yoga or Seitaï , while here, we come to buy a comic strip or other publication, let’s say in normal consumer mode not ready to take the lead to read an editorial explaining the principle and to think about the value that we give to a Monster of the Closet of Caza from the 80s… so we stop at the first price offered, the €0.01…

Moreover, quite a few of our visitor-buyers (sometimes we say “customers”) are foreigners, hence the additional difficulty. So we decided to go back to the fixed price, but light and, in the spirit of simplification, everything at 3 € until February 2021. It worked well but it turns out that it is still insufficient to finance the necessary changes to the site. So we go to everything at 5€ (obviously, if you want to put more, don’t be shy!). This, as before, only for PDFs, paper books keeping prices of… paper books (And you can give more because they are always put at a base price limit so as not to lose money!).

Prix libre Caza eBOOK


The idea, more or less inspired by participatory financing systems (crowdfunding), is that everyone evaluates what they can or want to put in the purchase, according to their interest in the object (virtual ) desired and, more generally, to the entire project and its editorial approach. And this in complete freedom since it can go from 5€ to… infinity (we have given a minimum to ensure the financing of the accommodation and the webmaster).

No one is “seen as poor” or “seen as rich”, no more than “stingy”, or “super generous”, everyone can take advantage of what is offered according to their means. The FREE PRICE allows you to get involved in the CAZA eBOOK project to your measure, a project that remains to distribute the works of CAZA, whether they are facsimiles of old albums or unpublished works.

One downside, however: for paper documents, as we have a fixed manufacturing and shipping cost, the price remains the same. But you can add your free contribution if you wish, always with the idea of participation…

In all cases, your partnership is used to finance: hosting the CAZA eBOOK site, sending newsletters, updating the site, creating new PDFs and real books on real paper, putting them on the site, mailings, small gifts in the form of postcards, etc.

Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to seeing you in our next publications!

Participation in the CAZA eBOOK site

Contribution au site CAZA eBOOK
et ainsi à la diffusion des œuvres de CAZA.
En remerciement vous recevrez Pour en finir avec 2016 en PDF
(à télécharger immédiatement).
Price: €5.00
Your Price: € 

To learn more about the ethics of the free price:

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