La Fin du Monde ne passera pas !

This is our first real book! On real paper, yes!

A selection of 50 drawings to save the world (or at least postpone its end by two or three days)… Greenwash yourself, greenwash yourself again, there will always be something left!
All these drawings are recent, resulting from my reconversion in the press cartoon which occupies me since I finished “The World of Arkadi”. About fifteen are from Siné-Hebdo, Psikopat, Zélium, etc., but two thirds are unpublished (and nevertheless in color).

Digital version, like our other CAZA-eBooks, in PDF or ePUB format…

And PAPER version! A 21×21 format, and a digital print that is fun to see and hold in your hands!

La Fin du Monde ne passera pas (Papier + eBOOK)
50 dessins écolos
Price: €12.00
La Fin du Monde ne passera pas  (eBOOK PDF & ePUB)
50 dessins écolos en eBOOK PDF et ePUB
Price: €5.00
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