Pre-sale of CAZA’s latest comic strip: The Delicious Garden

The adventures of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with all the crisp details, told from the book of books (the Bible), story embellished with some apocryphal fantasies (with hair), by Pr. Grandjardin, Master of circumference at the Cerebral Faculty of Paranoid Atheology of Gnôthi-Seauton.

Pre-sale 2022: The Delicious Garden - CAZA Papier
+ eBOOK 2012 offered pending delivery. CAZA revisits the Original Myth of Adam and Eve with humor in a comic strip of 64 color pages in A4 format, paperback, soft cover + 24 bonus pages (press cartoons) for the 2022 edition. Pre-sale from March 27 to May 25. Delivery expected around June 25, depending on paper availability.
Price: €17.00
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The Delicious Garden

• Paper version: a paperback album of 88 color pages including:

  • A 64-page comic.
  • A bonus 24 pages of pro-secular press cartoons

Digital printing allows us to adapt the print to the number ordered during the pre-sale.

Moreover, there is no question of broadcaster or distributor: the album is on sale on the Internet, on our shop site, 17 euros + shipping, and it is only very incidentally that it will be present in some booksellers. friends and relatives.


The Delicious Garden

Le Jardin Délicieux is a comic book that I made between August 2011 and January 2012… and which didn’t find a “normal” publisher. They find it very good, very personal, very “lively”… but “difficult to sell”. As I did this in a state of jubilation and total freedom, like a beginner who doesn’t worry about his publisher, his contract, his money, publishing it myself, in the same freedom is finally coherent .


Basically, it is, told by a learned lecturer, the classic story of God (Yahvé by his first name), of the first man (known as “the adam”) and of the first woman, (the one who will be called Eve, as everyone knows). All this in the idyllic setting of Eden – the “Delicious Garden”. But there is also a big Golem, a certain Lilith, a passing hunter, a Lacanian and sexy shrink with an SM tendency, a Japanese masseuse… and of course a certain Nakash, the snake, “the most naked of all the animals that Yahvé God made”.

I am certainly not the first to tackle this tale, but it was a question of revisiting it with humor and allowing myself everything: familiarity, lightness, irony, disrespect, ribaldness, bullshit pure and simple – after all it is about naked people, juicy fruit, cunning snakes, patriarchal morals… and the discovery of sexuality.

A kindly iconoclastic version that does not prevent pedagogy: the classic text is scrupulously transcribed, but completed, decrypted or diverted, relying on many interpretations and scholarly comments from old rabbis, church fathers and modern philosophers and psychoanalysts . And so the original problem is very present: good and evil, prohibited directions, the fault of disobedience, free will, emancipation – but of “fall”, there is no question!

… And a personal conclusion that draws from this old story some consequences for here and now.

On the drawing side, fast, light, with a certain amount of improvisation, and the colors that go with it: fresh and smiling most of the time – after all we are in earthly paradise… All this closer to what I do in the press satirical than my previous comics or my SF illustrations.

CAZA – November 2012

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