To end 2015

Pour en finir avec 2015Like last year, as a greeting card, I brought together a few hundred of my news drawings of the year (some older but having experienced a new life during the year – news obliges… ) of which more than half of unpublished. (The publications come mainly from Psikopat and some have traveled the internet…)

Greeting card, I said… Yes, after a shitty 2015, 2016 can only get better… (Or…?)


In 2015 we offered you the collection of the year 2014 and this year we offer you another approach: the free price! See here what we mean by a free price…

Romain Cazaumayou

Pour en finir avec 2015 (eBOOK PDF)
Dessins de presse traitant de l'actualité 2015. eBOOK PDF de 96 pages 21x21cm.
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From mini portfolio to 40x60cm prints!
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