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Les facsimilés de CAZAAs I like to take things in order, initially, it will be “Kris Kool” (1970) and “Fume, c’est du Caza” (1975). Afterwards, I’ll see what I can do with “Le Caillou rouge et autres contes”, “Arkhê”, “Laïlah”…

— Is it a question of going against speculation…? against piracy?

Incidentally. There are no doubt clever little speculators who monitor the price of old albums in the hope that one day it will reach tintin-style prices… BD and illegal downloading. As long as it’s albums by dead authors or albums “no longer on the market”, we don’t care a bit… Although, as an author still living, I would prefer to keep a certain control in this provision of untraceable books.

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From mini portfolio to 40x60cm prints!
After the mini portfolios Kris Kool and the Delicious Garden , (which goes to print this May 25 for its 2022 reissue with supplement) we are launchi > Lire la suite