The Monsters of th Closet 3 (80s)

les-montres-du-placard-3-caza-annees-80THE MONSTERS ARE BACK

They come out of the closet and they growl a little. It’s not that they’re mean, it’s just that they don’t want to let themselves be forgotten, even the most unimportant screwed-up villains. As for the first two volumes (1970s, 1 and 2), I bring out the forgotten, the forgettable, those who have never appeared in beautiful hardback albums or those whose albums in question are no longer on the market, this which amounts to the same thing: when you are no longer “in commerce”, you are quickly out

Comics and drawings for fanzines, festivals, booksellers eager for ex-libris… causes to defend, friendly, original gifts, all those things and things that don’t fall into any official category: the “miscellaneous and unclassifiable”, so . (Besides, it is known, in any classification there must be an “unclassifiable” folder.) Series B, even Z. Lame people, mangy people, freaks , and even excellent stuff but with limited or hazardous distribution. After dating, they are entitled either to ruthless littering or to recycling or even to recovery, as we say of reusable waste. Not lost for everyone.

Here, then, brand new, brand new, despite their age, the Monsters of Closet N°3, (code name: e-MP/3), covering the years 80-85. And the sequel will not be long!

PDF de 82 pages 21x28cm.
BD et dessins divers et inclassables des années 80
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Clé USB CAZA e30x30 28 02 2013
Numérotée et signée (100ex), 1 ex-eLibris signé + 1 dédicace+ 1 fond d'écran + 4 GB stockage + tous les eBOOKS disponibles à ce jour sur le site...
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