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Y'en aura pour tout le monde ! Recueil de 48 dessins de presse de CAZAThe “kitchen nightmare” has only just begun.

There’s Romanian horse in lasagna, shale gas in moussaka, cesium in green tea, carp and rabbit in marriage for all, corned beef in depardieu, whore in poutine, polonium in the arafat, grilled mustang on the buffalo grill, donkey in the burger, ostrich in Austria and balls in the soup.

On the other hand, not the slightest trace of DNA from Antoine-Augustin Parmentier (1737-1813) in the shepherd’s pie findus, nor hunter pieces in the rabbit-hunter william saurian.

The worst junk food is still man. Remember “Green Sun”: “Eat old! they said. But the old (the human in general, in fact), located at the end of the food chain, concentrates all the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, drugs. As my neighbor Mamadou says (I quote): “Li blanc modewne li bouwé of chemicals, li is not worth li missionaiwe of a hundred years ago, that he was new to the host…”

Collection of 48 pages of press cartoons available:

  • DIGITAL version, like our other eBOOKS, in PDF and ePUB format…
  • Paper version ! A 21×21cm format, and a digital print that is a pleasure to see!

Y'en aura pour tout le monde (Papier + eBOOK PDF & ePUB)
50 dessins sur la malbouffe : le "cauchemar en cuisine" qui ne fait que commencer...

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Y'en aura pour tout le monde (eBOOK PDF & ePUB)
50 dessins sur la malbouffe : le "cauchemar en cuisine" qui ne fait que commencer...
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