KRIS KOOL, finally a paper reissue in French!

After its publication by Passenger Press in Italian and English, here is finally available in French the Paper version of Kris Kool (CAZA). (Economical shipping costs: shipping is from France and not from Italy.)

Pre-sale in progress here from March 1 to April 10, 2021

Warning ! Mini launch print: for the moment, only 15 copies are available, accompanied by a numbered/signed ex-libris.

Kris Kool experienced the sumptuous vertigo of diving among dying asteroids…

…fought in almost every tavern in the universe…

…and he liked beautiful and dangerous women!

This time, he embarked on a mission that he should perhaps not have accepted…

…and now he is shipwrecked on a planet unknown to him…

…Will he be able to find his way back?

Find out by reading KRIS KOOL: the first pop-psychedelic graphic novel by French comic master SF Caza, in a completely restored and recolored version, in French, 50 years after its first and only original French edition.

It is with immense pride that Passenger Press in collaboration with Caza eBOOK finally presents the long-awaited – and fully remastered – French edition of KRIS KOOL, sporting new, sparkling colors and equally new modern lettering, respectful of the original choices. of the author.

Our edition contains an EXTRA section with unpublished drawings (test pages, color proofs as well as some black and white plates).

KRIS KOOL (1970) Retirage 2020 + Ex-libris
Tirage inaugural avec Ex-libris numéroté signé en 15 exemplaires Livre papier 21x28 cm, couverture souple effet martelé, 96 pages couleur. BD de 1970 dont une section EXTRA avec des dessins inédits (pages de test, épreuves couleur ainsi que quelques planches noir et blanc). Et en attendant de recevoir le livre, eBOOK PDF & ePUB de 94 pages 24x32cm en fac-similé de l'original de 1970 agrémenté de quelques bonus à télécharger.
Available Qty: -1
Price: €40.00

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