CAZA eBOOK: What is it?

CAZA eBOOK : la case à e-booksCAZA/eBOOK is an online store designed to distribute my least known productions, or the least known diffused, or the most diffused at all… But also unpublished.

— And why eBOOKS and not “real books”?

For old albums never reissued, the goal is essentially to make them accessible to friends, amateurs, nostalgic, curious, and at low cost, and therefore as much as possible without paper, cardboard, stocks on pallets, trucks, representatives, broadcasters… Directly from the producer to the amateur, therefore.

— But then why not free, in the context of the Internet where there are so many “free” things?

Just for technical reasons. This shop site, there is a webmaster who makes it, who manages it, and it’s a job. So not free, no, but not expensive.

– Technically, how does it look?

The old albums are distributed only by reproduction in facsimile : the PDFs are edited from scans of the old printed editions, at a sufficient resolution for reading on screen. As I like to take things in order, first we have “Kris Kool” (1970) and “Fume, c’est du Caza” (1975).

The unpublished ones , on the other hand, are edited in PDF from the original files… and it is therefore much more beautiful and luminous on the screen than it could be on paper. It starts with “To finish with 2009”, more than 120 cartoons dealing with 2009 news, some from Siné-Hebdo, most unpublished. Of course, the years 2010, 2011, etc. will follow.

For each other, we telepay and download to read at home when we want.

“So no paper?”

In the press cartoons, some thematic selections will be entitled to paper editions which, a priori, will only be on sale on the Internet. (But we are looking for solutions so as not to exclude our friends the booksellers.) The first paper edition is “The End of the World will not pass”, around fifty pages of eco-friendly drawings, 21×21, 9.50 euros (+ postage)

— And… wouldn’t there be secret productions, comics never published, or very confidentially, even unfinished projects… storyboards…?

Yes, there is material for two PDF collections of short stories never published in personal albums, only in magazines or in collectives. It’s called ” The Monsters in the Closet “.

As for the REAL novelty, a 64-page comic, PDF and paper , it ‘s the Delicious Garden .

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