Wishes 2017

Voeux 2017


This year 2017 will be punctuated by Monsters from the closet…
Month after month we will make available both Monsters classified by years, and by themes…

We invite you to discover today
Closet Monsters #4 .

CAZA & Romain Cazaumayou

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Closet Monsters 4 (85-90s)



During this period, 1985-90, I was in full production of “Gandahar” with René Laloux, a film which would be followed by the short film “How Wang-Fo was saved”… (which will most likely be the subject one – or more – “special cinema” e-collection.)

Nevertheless, during this time, life continues on the comic strip side, with in particular, at Dargaud, the publication of “Caillou rouge et autres contes” and “Mémoire des écumes”, already widely mentioned in previous Monstres . And then, at the Associated Humanoids, the album “Laïlah” and the collection of illustrations “Chimères”…

Which doesn’t prevent me from taking part in a few collectives either (Marilyn, Next special music, Everyone’s cat…) and then, of course, SF illustrations for my usual publishers and for various fanzines or ephemeral magazines. Let’s add, for good measure, a few posters of exhibitions or comic book festivals and some spontaneous paintings.

Always 80 pages of little known or unknown images!

PDF de 82 pages 21x28cm.
BD et dessins divers et inclassables des années 85-90
Price: €5.00
Your Price: € 

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Everything at 3 Euros!

After a year (2016) of setting up the free price , we realize that this is probably not the right place for that: in the field of personal development, we are motivated to seriously evaluate the value we want to give to a session of yoga or Seitaï , while here, we come to buy a comic strip or other publication, let’s say in normal consumer mode not ready to take the lead to read an editorial explaining the principle and to think about the value that we give to a Monster from Placard de Caza from the 80s… so we stop at the first price offered, the €0.01…

Moreover, quite a few of our visitor-buyers (sometimes we say “customers”) are foreigners, hence the additional difficulty. So we decided to go back to the fixed price, but light and, in a spirit of simplification, everything at 3 € (obviously, if you want to put more, don’t be shy, organic coffee is expensive). This, as before, only for PDFs, paper books keeping prices of… paper books.

Incidentally, we only keep the publication in PDF, we drop the e-pub standard, this kind of picture books lending itself decidedly badly to reading on an e-reader.

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As for the paper, we came out
“The Delicious Garden”

With mini stock available, we will post it to you within 2 days.

Le Jardin Délicieux 2022- CAZA Papier
+ eBOOK 2012 offert en attendant la livraison. CAZA revisite le Mythe Originel d'Adam et Eve avec humour dans une BD de 64 pages couleurs au format A4, broché, couverture souple + 24 pages de bonus (dessins de presse) pour l'édition 2022.
Available Qty: 136
Price: €17.00
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Le Jardin Délicieux - CAZA   (eBOOK PDF & ePUB)
BD de CAZA qui revisite le Mythe d'Adam et Eve avec humour. eBOOK de 101p. coul. ePUB, PDF A4 & Carré inclus.
Price: €5.00
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Clé USB CAZA e30x30 28 02 2013
Numérotée et signée (100ex), 1 ex-eLibris signé + 1 dédicace+ 1 fond d'écran + 4 GB stockage + tous les eBOOKS disponibles à ce jour sur le site...
Price: €94.00

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From mini portfolio to 40x60cm prints!
After the mini portfolios Kris Kool and the Delicious Garden , (which goes to print this May 25 for its 2022 reissue with supplement) we are launchi > Lire la suite