The sacred forest

A collection of unpublished short stories by Caza?
This is not a CAZA eBOOK production but A WEIRD IDEA .

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In the mid-1980s, Caza, very busy with “Gandahar”, offered scenarios to illustrate to Jean-Michel Lemaire, whose drawings published in a fanzine had caught his attention. From then on, a complicity is created, giving rise to a production with different degrees of collaboration: script-drawing, penciling-inking, coaching…

Several short stories will thus emerge, all in the spirit of “fantastic and sexy tales”, most of them unpublished. (Appearances in Yéti and in various fanzines.)

Find them in a superb album published by “Une Idée Bizarre”!

Added to this is a story co-directed by Jean-Michel and Olivier Jubault, known as Jubo, well known as an import bookseller “Les Nageurs de sable”, in Tours in those years), as well as a number of bonuses: story- boards, sketches, graphic research…


Large format album 26.5 cm x 36.5 cm
56 pages in black and white
Semi-matt coated paper 150 g
Hard cover
Square canvas back, sewn and glued, hot stamped

Limited edition :
Edition of 300 numbered copies
Numbered certificate, signed by the authors
Color ex-libris
50 €

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