Tribute to Roland Wagner Saturday September 28 Clamart

Meet CAZA at the afternoon souvenir-tribute to Roland C. Wagner on Saturday September 28, 2013
You will be able to discover the 2nd version of the Portfolio and make your reservations.

Francois Mitterrand Media Library,
place François Mitterrand 92140 Clamart

  • 2 p.m.-2:30 p.m.: reception
  • 2:30-3 p.m.: opening: Jean-Luc Rivera then the memories of Roland young beginner fan (Alvaro Salva, Jean-Marc Ligny, Michel Pagel, Philippe Caille)
  • 3-3:20 p.m.: Claude Ecken on Roland and the Black River
  • 3:20-3:50 p.m.: memories of Roland (Joëlle Wintrebert, Laurent Genefort, Philippe Caza, Joseph Altairac)
  • 3:50-4:20 p.m.: Pascal J. Thomas on Roland and music
  • 4:20-4:50 p.m.: working with Roland as an editor (Francis Saint-Martin, André-François Ruaud, Jérôme Vincent, Mireille Rivalland)
  • 4:50-5:20 p.m.: Simon Bréan on Roland’s place in French SF literature
  • 5:20-5:30 p.m.: a word from Sylvie Denis, another from Catherine Portejoie and Natacha Wagner to close
  • 5.30-6.30 p.m.: drink in memory of Roland offered by L’Atalante, in the presence of Mr. the Senator-Mayor of Clamart, Mr. Philippe Kaltenbach.


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