SMOKE… THIS IS SOME CAZA ! (1975) is not really a comic strip, rather an “album in freedom”, a kind of underground, black and white “Scenes of country life”, parallel to the “Scenes of life in the suburbs” that I published then in Pilote: texts (abundant and written by hand), disparate drawings, photos, collages… and a bit of comics all the same: the first version of “La Paix! “, pages later published in color in Métal Hurlant then taken up in the complete “Banlieue” published by Les Humanoïde Associés.

This facsimile PDF in the format of the album does not include any bonuses (it must be said that Kesselring, the publisher, never returned my originals to me, because the printer had never returned them to him… printer that, most likely, he hadn’t paid… (All those pretty people in prison!)

FUME… C'EST DU CAZA ! (1975)  (eBOOK PDF & ePUB)
eBOOK PDF & ePUB de 52 pages 21x27cm en fac-similé.
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CAZA et le POP Art : il en parle dans la revue Mémoires d’Images : télécharger le PDF

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