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CAZA eBOOK: What is it ?

CAZA / eBOOK is an online store designed to sell in eBOOKS – PDF or ePub – (read on a computer or tablet: phone size is a little small for comics) my lesser known productions, or less widely spread or not any more spread… But also unpublished.

— And why eBOOKS and not « real books »?

For old albums never republished, the goal is essentially to make them available to friends, lovers, nostalgic, curious, and cheap, so far to avoid using tones of paper, cardboard, stocks on pallets, trucks, representatives, broadcasters… Directly from the producer to the amateur, so.

— So why not free, in the Internet context where there is so much « free stuff »?

Just for technical reasons. This e-shop, a webmaster makes and manages it, and it’s his job. Therefore, not free, but cheap.

— Technically, how’s it going?

The old albums are released only by reproduction in facsimile: PDFs are assembled from scans of old printed editions, in a sufficient definition to read it on a computer. As I like to take things in order, firstly, we have « Kris Kool » (1970) and « Smoke is the Caza » (1975).

The unpublished works are mounted in PDF from original computer files… and it’s much more beautiful and bright on the screen than it could be on paper. It starts with « Pour en finir avec 2009″ more than 120 drawings covering the news in 2009, some from “Siné-Hebdoé, but mostly unpublished. The years 2010, 2011, etc. will follow…

You pay by Paypal or Credit Card and download the PDF or ePUB to read at home whenever you want.

— So no paper?

In the newspaper cartoons, some thematic selections will receive printed editions which will be on sale mainly on the Internet. (But we are looking for solutions not to exclude our friends booksellers.) The first paper edition is « La Fin du monde ne passera pas ! » fifty pages of drawings arround ecology, 21 × 21 cm, € 9.50 (+ shipping )

— And… would there be any secret productions, unpublished comics, or very confidentially, even unfulfilled projects… storyboards…?

Yes, there is room for two eBOOK collections of short stories unpublished in personal albums, only in magazines or in collectives. It’s called « Les Monstres du placard ».

As for the REAL novelty, a 64 pages comic, eBOOK and paper, it’s coming soon.

EBooks facsimiles

As I like to take things in order, it will first be « Kris Kool” (1970) and « Fume… c’est du Caza ! » (1975). After that, I’ll see what I can do with « Le Caillou rouge et autres contes », « Arkhê », « Laïlah »…

– Is it going against speculation…? Against warez?

Incidentally. There is no doubt the crafty speculators who monitor the rating of old albums hoping that one day it would reach the price of Tintin… (In it, well …) And apparently, there is also warez and illegal downloading in comics. As long as it is from dead authors albums or « out of bookstores » albums, we don’t care so much… Although, as a still alive author, I’d rather keep some control over the provision of unobtainable books.

Kris Kool (1970)

Kris Kool is my first comic. It was published in 1970 by Eric Losfeld (Le Terrain vague) in the pop wake of Barbarella, Jodelle, Pravda, Saga of Xam… Some legal troubles (Losfeld often had) drastically reduced the comic’s life which could have disappeared completely if Losfeld did not stashed a few boxes here and there, waiting for better days. This way, years later, you can find comics album as new.

This PDF facsimile is in the format of the album with a few bonus, firsts researches, black and white originals, « apocryphal » pages published in “Actuel”…

Fume… c’est du Caza ! (1975)

Fume… c’est du Caza ! is not really a comic, rather an « album in freedom », a kind of « Scenes from countryside life » underground, black and white, parallel to « Scènes de la vie de Banlieue » I was publishing in “Pilote”: texts (abundant and handwritten), disparate drawings, photographs, collages… and a short comic anyway: the first version of « La Paix! », which was later published in “Métal Hurlant” (Heavy Metal) in color, and later in the integral of « Banlieue » with “Les Humanoïdes Associés” editor.

This PDF facsimile format of the album does not include bonuses (I must say that Kesselring, the editor, did never give ​​my original back, because the printer did not give him back … printed he very probably did not pay … (All this nice people in prison!)


Besides the « official » comics albums as “Kris Kool” and “Fume… c’est du Caza !”… I produced in the 70s and 80s a number of comics (or almost comics) in fanzines, magazines as “Pilote” and “Actuel” or never published albums, except the series of “costumes”, quite forgotten …
I do not grow excessive love for my “early work”, but no shame either (or rarely). Just these « monsters » are there, so why not show them, rather than let them sleep in closets (or make what havoc?). At least it can satisfy the curiosity of those who follow me for a long time or those who find me, thank you all. We can all that “open to the public” archives.

After intensive excavations (cupboards, boxes, drawers, folders, files) I could gather material for a first book … but expect a Volume 2 someday.

EBooks of unpublished

One will find here the first newspaper cartoons that I ponds since 2009 (more than 400 from 2009 to 2011). Much dispersed in weekly and monthly (Siné hebdo, La Mèche, Zélium, Psikopat, Barricade…) others on the web (in my Open Letters, my blog, Facebook …), and I found more every day in my sketchbooks or my laptop. They will be gathered in very simple virtual albums, one drawing per page, arranged in chronological order or about, at least for those who stick to the news … An eBOOK a year, PDF and ePUB of 120 pages or more …
And … there would not it be secret productions, comics ever published, or very confidentially, if unfulfilled projects … storyboards …?
I see some of you rummaging through bins, there … But myself rummaging through my drawers, I should find some disparate staff, that would worthy be published, if not be printed, unless e-shown. There is probably material for a collection of short stories ever published in personal albums, only in magazines or in collectives. And if there was only 20 pages, no matter: in eBOOK, we are not bound to a number of standard pages.
As for the TRUE new comic, we’ll talk more soon…
An example of what you will see after your order, in addition to the PDF to download: (See below)

TO END with 2009

Me, who have always been a bit intimidated by the principle of press cartoons, when I saw “Siné Hebdo” emerging, I said « I gotta be there! « As a result, around thirty press cartoons during the year (illustrations of news or news articles or novels). But, carried away by the impulse, I found myself with more than 120 drawings covering the news in 2009, and published in 2009, even made ​​in 2009 and published later, or even totally unpublished, or          only widespread on the Web or remained in my drawers.
And then it continued … So « to follow. »

End of the World will not pass!

This is our first real book! In real paper, yes!

A selection of 50 drawings to save the world (or at least postpone the end of two or three days)… Greenwash you, greenwash you again, there will always remain something!

All these pictures are recent, from my conversion in newspaper cartoons that concerns me since I finished « The World of Arkadi » (Le monde d’Arkadi). Fifteen are from Siné Hebdo, Psikopat, Zélium, etc., But two-thirds are new (and still in color).

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